Products and Service

Expand reach, offer new products and service, and focus on customer experience.

  • Expand agent banking and digital banking
  • Strengthen trade finance, guarantees and remittance
  • Staff trainings on customer satisfaction and service
  • Expand digital services
  • Adequate facilities to serve customers, and conducive to work

Modernization of BNCTL

Maximize on Core Banking system capacity and fully utilize its capabilities to improve banks performance, internal and customer facing.

  • Stabilization of core Banking system
  • Commence internet banking
  • Increase cashless transactions and channels
  • Automation and data mining

Process Improvement

  • Restructure organization for good governance
  • Improve internal controls and risk management
  • Resource functions adequately and empower team
  • Develop and use standard reports – move from processing data to using data for decision support


  • Deposit mobilization
  • Increase credit portfolio, focus on loans for productive activities
  • Train staff to grow their capabilities
  • Growth of our international network with 2 more corresponding relationship with international banks