"BNCTL offers this loan to fund enterprises that are awarded the project contract from Timor-Leste Government, NGO (International and Local), and other institutions to support the operational activities or infrastructure project implementation such as construction including maintenance (road, bridge, building), labor cost, other expenses such as electricity, supplying working equipment, transportation, technology, energy, and other government contracts"

  Loan Amount

Maximum 85% per annum

  Loan Term

Maximum 12 months / 1 year

  Interest Rate

Maximum 7.50% per annum

  Payment Plan

Project schedule


BNCTL offer this loan to support enterprise especially Timorese citizen to increase the working capital to implement the government project for the national economic development of the country.

Personal Criteria

  • Demonstrate good personal character, honesty, and accountability.
  • Has a good performance record business or company.
  • A valid business license issued by the Ministry of Commercial and Industry or SERVE.
  • Has previous experience with government-related projects.
  • Funding the individual shareholder company, group, or joint venture.

Terms and Conditions

  • Maximum loan amount 65% for construction and consultation, and 85% for supplier 
  • Interest rate 7.50% per annum.
  • Loan maturity maximum of 12 months.
  • Present sufficient guarantee
  • Repayment is according to project milestones/progress.
  • Penalty 12% per annum.
  • Another administrative fee as applicable.

Documents Requirement

  1. Credit proposal addressed to Dili Branch Manager
  2. 1 copy of a color passport-size photo (3x4)
  3. Electoral copy for the applicant and spouse (for married person)
  4. Copy of applicant’s Bank Account
  5. A valid company profiles and license authorization
  6. Map of company office location
  7. Copy of a valid project contract with the government
  8. Detail costs and project design
  9. Financial report
  10. Additional guarantee

Brochure of Project Loan Click Here