"Commercial credit to provide financial support for small to medium enterprise to help with the cash flow for working capital"


1. To support Timorese enterprise in contributing to the economic development in Timor-Leste.



1. Poses good character, honesty, and responsible

2. Have a current profitable business and is viable (with a long-term perspective)

3. Have an available valid business license from SERVE

4. Have work experience


  1. 1 copy of a color passport-size photo (3x4)
  2. Electoral copy for the applicant and spouse (for married person)
  3. Copy of applicant’s Bank Account
  4. Business License
  5. List of available business assets
  6. List of assets to be procured or purchased with the credit
  7. Financial report (balance + profit/loss)
  8. Present additional guarantee.



  1. Limited, dependent on various business factors
  2. Revolving maximum 1 year and non-revolving maximum 3 years
  3. The interest rate is a maximum of 7.50% per annum
  4. Guarantee an amount that is valuable and sufficient
  5. The penalty is 12% for late payment per annum
  6. Administrative costs and other costs based on the available fee list from BNCTL

Brochure for Bussines Loan Click here