"This loan will be offered to enterprise entity to specifically finance Investment for Telecommunication"



  1. Credit/Loan request addressed to BNCTL’s Board Members
  2. 1 copy of color passport size photo (3x4)
  3. Electoral copy for the applicant and spause (for married person)
  4. Copy of applicant’s Bank Account
  5. A valid company profile:
  • Liscence authorisation to exercise economic activity (serve)
  • Commercial business registry (serve)
  • Debt certificate
  • Company statute
  • Company structure
  • Map of company office location
  1. Detail costs for the investment/the object to be invested on and the investment design.
  2. Detail assets for the investment, to be procured (applicable for mobile investment).
  3. Feasibility study (applicable for investment > U$ 100,000.00)
  4. Financial report (balance+profit/loss in the last 3 years)
  5. Income projection for Year 1.
  6. Present guarantee for the credit:
  • Asset documents for land or house with location map (mandatory)
  • Asset documents for vehicles/heavy equipment.
  • Personal guarantee.
  1. Contract for quotations of items to be procured (applicable for mobile investment)
  2. Self finance from the applicant or ongoing investment to be considered by presenting invoice/evidence of investment.



1. A color copy of the photograph measuring 3x4
2. An Electoral Copy for the applicant/group and spouse (for married person)
3. A copy of the individual or group bank account and IBAN number
4. Business license/suco declaration letter for business activities
5. Group member approval letter (valid to the group)
6. List and quotation for the investment you acquire or purchase
7. Financial report (farmer activity is based on farmer credit report/business report)
8. Present a guarantee for the credit:
         a. The. Permanent Government Employee (salary transferred via BNCTL bank account)
         b. Land or house heritage documents with location map (required)
         ç. Property documents of vehicles/heavy equipment.
         d. Personal guarantee.