“This deposit is designed for the Students at Secondary and Tertiary level, to save their money for relevant academic needs and to fulfil their daily needs”


  1. 1 colour copy of current passport size photo (3x4) or can be taken directly at the Bank.
  2. Copy of valid Electoral Card/Identity Card (BI)/Passport (Minimum copies of 2 identity card)
  3. Present Students Card/School Report Booklet



  1. This service is an individual saving account for Timorese and foreigner students who are studying in Timor-Leste
  2. It is directed towards Secondary and Tertiary level students
  3. Minimum amount for account opening $1.00
  4. Monthly maintenance fee $ 0.10
  5. Account closing fee $1.00
  6. Interest is competitive based on the BNCTL’s updated interest fee.
  7. Fee for issuing or replacing account booklet and ATM based on BNCTL’s updated fee list.
  8. The Account will be de-activated if there is no transaction during a 6 (six) month period
  9. The Account will be de-activated 6 (six) month after the person graduated from University or Institution.