“This service will be offered to women with no income or with minimum income, the support will be provided through MSSI and INSS”


  1. 1 colour copy of current passport size photo (3x4) or can be taken directly at the Bank.
  2. Copy of valid Electoral Card/Identity Card (BI)/Passport (Minimum copies of 2 identity card)



  1. Beneficiaries of the Ministry of Social Solidarity and Inclusion (MSSI) and the National Institute for Social Security (INSS)
  2. Minimum amount for account opening (not mandatory)
  3. Minimum account balance $ 2.00
  4. Maximum account balance is unlimited
  5. Account closing fee $ 2.00
  6. Fee for issuance of new ATM debit card $2.00 (applicable based on the terms and condition of debit card utilisation for IDIN and BDM points 11 and 12)
  7. Opening an account based on the letter of requirements submitted together with the beneficiary list from MSSI and INSS