BNCTL offers to fund the need of capital for medium and large enterprises to acquire machineries, construction of offices, building, hotels, and other medium and long term investment.

  Loan Amount

Maximum 70% of Investment Cost.

  Loan Term

Maximum 10 years.

  Interest Rate

8 - 14% per annum.

  Payment Plan

Monthly payment.


Grace period facility and free of principal and tax depend on the type of investment including competitive interest.

Personal Criteria

  • Demonstrate good personal character, honesty and accountable.
  • Has the good performance record business or company.
  • Profitable,viable and sustainable investment.
  • Valid business license issued by Ministry of Commercial and Industry or SERVE.
  • Has experience in business investment
  • Funding the individual shareholder company, group or joint venture.

Terms and Conditions

  • Maximum 70% of investment cost.
  • Maximum Interest rate 12% / pa.
  • Maximum maturity 10 years (120 months).
  • Present guarantee (investment to be financed and additional guarantee).
  • Monthly repayment
  • Penalty 12% /pa (1% per month).
  • Other administrative fee as applicable.

Documents Requirement

    • Submit loan proposal address to BNCTL.
    • 1 Passport size photo.
    • 1 copy of electoral ID of applicant.
    • 1 copy of electoral ID of applicant's spouse or business partner.
    • Company profile
    • Present BOQ
    • List of present equipment.
    • List of equipment to be purchased.
    • Feasibility study for investment greater than 1 million USD.
    • Financial Statement.
    • Income statement projection for 1 year.
    • Guarantee with evidence of ownership.
    • Quotations of items to be purchased
    • Present evidence of self-finance of minimum 30%.
    • Contract with supplier for equipment to be purchased.

Brochure of Credit

For more Information about Brochure of Credit Click Here.