This commercial loan is to aim to provide financial support for small and medium enterprises to help cash flow for working capital.

  Loan Amount

Not restricted loan amount.

  Loan Term

Maximum 3 years.

  Interest Rate

8 - 14% per annum.

  Payment Plan

Monthly payment.


To support Timorese Enterpreneurs to contribute for the economic development of Timor-Leste

Personal Criteria

  • Demonstrate good personal character, honesty and accountable.
  • Run a profitable and viable business (Long-term prospect).
  • Have the valid business license issued by Ministry of Commercial and Industry or SERVE.
  • Having business experience

Terms and Conditions

Loan Amount
Unlimited depend on the various business factors.
Loan Terms
Maximum 3 years (36 months)
Interest Rate
Competitive interest rate between 8% - 14%, based on the client record and loan guarantee.
Guaranteed Loan
The valuable and sufficient amount of guarantee
Late payment 12% per year
Other Fees
Administrative fee and other cost according the BNCTL price list

Documents Requirement

  • Loan Proposal
    Loan proposal addressed to BNCTL include loan amount and utilization plan.
  • Photo
    3x4 cm size. Colored
  • Document Idenfication
    Copy of electoral ID both applicant and spouse.
  • Company Profile
    Valid Company profile.
  • Loan Application Form
    Fill-up the loan application form.
  • Inventory
    List of business inventory prior to request loan.
  • Bill of Quantity
    List of items to be purchased
  • Asset and Cash Flow
    List of asset and cas flow information.
  • Loan Guarantee
    Any valuable asset or deposit that enough for guarantee.
  • Field Observation Report
    Observation Report of company place and address tha is prepared by BNCTL staff.

Brochure of Credit

For more Information about Brochure of Credit Click Here.