BNCTL is a Timorese Bank that is currently providing the Asuwa’in Loan aimed at responding to the clients’ needs. This loan is dedicated to preserve the rights of the retired veterans (National Liberation Martyrs Combatant) in order to provide financial support for the household economic needs. 

  Loan Amount

Maximum USD 25,000.00

  Loan Terms

Maximum 5 years

  Interest Rate

12% Per Annum.

  Payment Plan

Monthly Payment


To support and strengthen the economic needs of the Veterans and their families.

Personal Criteria

  •                                                                           • Any Veterans who are eligible for Timor-Leste Government’s Pension payment Leste.
  •                                                                           • Any Veterans who does not have any Consumer Loan obligation with BNCTL or other Bank.

Terms and Conditions

  •                                                                          • Loan amount : Maximum USD 25,000.00
  •                                                                          • Objective : Consumer
  •                                                                          • Duration : a maximum of five (5) years)
  •                                                                          • Refund : principal and credit interest monthly
  •                                                                          • Guarantee : Veterans pension
  •                                                                          • Interest : 6% per annum
  •                                                                          • Processing cost : USD 10.00 – 25.00
  •                                                                          • Penalty : 12% per annum
  •                                                                          • Administrative Costs : 2% from the approved amount


                                                                        • Loan/Credit Form (with support from BNCTL’s officials)

                                                                        • Color photo to be taken at the Bank

                                                                        • Copies of identity card: Electoral card of the applicant and their spouse’s electoral card/BI (if married)

                                                                        • Copy/ies of electoral card/BI of any other heir (if applying for multiple heir)

                                                                        • Copy of Bank Account details with the IBAN number (BNCTL will prepare)

                                                                        • Copy of pension form and database form

                                                                        • Declaration/statement from other heirs (if applying for multiple heir)

                                                                        • Declaration letter from the Tribute Commission

                                                                        • Cash flow projection (BNCTL will prepare)

                                                                        • Veteran Pension Guarantee

Brochure Asuwa'in Loan

For more information about Brochure Asuwa'in Click Here