BNCTL was established in 2011 based on the Decree-Law No. 3/2011, of January 26, transformed from the Institute of Microfinance (IMfTL), The Bank is wholly owned by the State of Timor-Leste and the only Timor-Leste’s bank to the date. The paid-up capital is stood at $96 millions with retained earnings of $29 million. The Bank recorded more than $133 millions in its capital account as of end of 30 April 2023.



Is to be the leading commercial bank of Timor-Leste and for Timorese people worldwide


Provide accessible banking services to all with extensive reach in rural and urban areas


Provide affordable financial services


Promote service excellence - quality, friendly, and fast to all customers


Support economic development of the country


Contribute to poverty alleviation in Timor-Leste

In compliance with the vision statement, BNCTL is now has 24 agencies located in 13 municipalities of Timor-Leste, 70 ATMs, more than 135 POS and 13 mobile banking vans enabling BNCTL to bring the banking services to people living the most rural and remote areas of Timor-Leste including facilitating G2P and P2P payments. BNCTL enjoys steady, rapid and significant growth in its business and operations since its inception in 2011. Despite of the expansion, challenges, internally and externally, the Bank consistently manages to maintain its performance over the difficult time which can be proven by looking into the below graphs.








BNCTL has been given unqualified & qualified opinion for its financial report by accredited external auditors for last 8 years in the row, meaning the BNCTL financial statements were presented fairly, the bank’s operations and financial positions are in accordance with the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (CGAP).

As of September 2022, approximately 380k customers entrusted their accounts with BNCTL and therefore according to the Banco Central Timor-Leste (BCTL), the Timor-Leste’s Central Bank 2021 Financial Inclusion Report, BNCTL has 73% of bank’s clients market share. The bank account for more than 33% of assets (31% increase from junu 2021), 33% deposit mobilization (>31% increase from junu 2021), proportion of lending approximately 33% of lending (soared by 14% from last year) compared to its fellow competitor banks and ODTIs operating in challenging and risky environment in Timor-Leste.

BNCTL will pursuing its strategy to better service its customers by offering international transactions by offering international credit/debit cards via its ATMs, POS via P24 network and make available other seamless, convenient services allowing banking transactions without border such as internet banking expected to come into the hand of its customers by the end of 2022, at the latest.

BNCTL has been constantly progressing towards a fully operating commercial bank as a full-fledged financial institution by catering its services for all categories of customers including small businesses, individuals and micro finance customers. Advancements in technology and communications has enabled BNCTL to digitalized its services in the most effective, efficient ways and secure.

BNCTL is currently being managed by three members of Board of Directors, two non-executive (the Chairman and Vice Chairman) and one executive/CEO board members appointed by the shareholder with the supports from management team and about 325 staff members. BNCTL has embarked and pursue with its transformation agenda and is fully committed to digitalize its services and therefore it aims to fully use the advance IT to support its operations and businesses, risk and compliance management including reporting by 2022. The Bank is the process of adopting IFRS-9, the new principle in presenting its financial statement being used by banks worldwide.