If you need an account to save your excess fund, the savings account is the choice. You may however withdraw your money, through counters in any BNCTL branches, ATMs and shopping with BNCTL POS, installed across territory of Timor-Leste.

Terms and Conditions

  • Passbook Savings Account is offered to regular savings depositors and to salaried employees and civil servants.
  • Anybody can open a Passbook Savings account.
  • Allowing withdrawal without presenting passbook through ATMs and POS.
  • Minimum amount to open account $10.00.
  • Minimum balance to earn interest $50.00.
  • Interest rate   0.50% per year.
  • Account maintenance fee charge $0.50 per month
  • Unrestricted deposit and withdrawals.
  • Closing account fee $2.50.

Documents requirement

  • Copies of valid ID (Electoral card/BI, Passport)
  • Photo 3 x 4 cm size (colored)